2009: A Year in Review


01. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
Quite a few of Sarah Dessen's novels have made it onto my favourites list, a perfect twist of romance and realistic teen situations. Every teenage girl should check out her books. My favourite is definitely Just Listen for the music themes and Owen<3

02. Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

03. Purge by Sarah Littman
Purge is all about a girl in a mental hospital for an eating disorder.

04. If I Stay by Gayle Forman


01. Paramore - Brand New Eyes
It's not a secret that I'm a big fan of Paramore so it's pretty obvious why this is #1 on my list. Some pretty great songs on here, my current favourite being Where The Lines Overlap.

For fans of: Fall Out Boy, The Academy is...

02. Manchester Orchestra - Means Everything To Nothing
For Fans of: Brand New, Lydia

03. This Providence - Who Are You Now?

04. The Dangerous Summer - Reach For The Sun
This one kind've came out of nowhere and blew my socks off at how amazing the songs were at first, second, third... listen. I still don't really feel like I know about this band, but the songs are quite brilliant and fun to listen to.

BEST SONGS of 2009

01. Manchester Orchestra - I Can Feel A Hot One

02. Hayley Williams - Teenagers

03. The Rocket Summer - You Gotta Believe

04. This Providence - Letdown

TOP MOVIES of 2009

01. (500) Days of Summer

02. Sherlock Holmes

03. Adventureland

04. Ghost Town


01. How I Met Your Mother
After I watch this show, I feel like I've had an "awesome" time hanging out with my friends. The themes in this show are not what I'd normally look for in a tv show but I enjoy it way too much to be put off by it.

For fans of: Friends, Seinfeld

02. iCarly
Okay so this show is aimed at kids, but it is just too good to ignore. It's all about Carly a pre-teen living with her crazy-cool artist brother, Spencer in a pretty amazing apartment where she hosts a web show with her two best friends - Freddie (techguy for the webshow, has a crush on Carly) and Sam (sarcastic, enjoys picking on Freddie).

For fans of: Hannah Montana

03. One Tree Hill
I only really got into this show because of its apparent similarities to Gilmore Girls (which I absolutely love), it's not nearly as brilliant as my favourite show but it is still an enjoyable teen show.

For Fans of: Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls.

04. The Secret Life of an American Teenager
This show is a little bit cringe worthy, but every week I'm back to watch it. It is definately not a realistic take on what an American teenager or any teenager for that matter is like in real life. I cannot really tell you why I like this show, I guess I keep coming back to find out what happens to each of the characters, my favourite being Ashley; the sister.

For Fans of: Degrassi, Underage & Pregnant.

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