In My Mailbox #7

Out of the Woods by Lyn Gardner
David Fickling Books | 13 April 2010

The fun fair is in town! With its clouds of pink candy floss and whirling big wheel, what child could resist such temptation? Little do the Eden sisters know that they are being lured into a wicked witch's lair. . . . Belladonna wants
Aurora's heart and Storm's all-powerful musical pipe, and she will stop at nothing to get them. Driven by vanity and greed, she makes a truly formidable adversary.
After escaping from a deadly game of hide-and-seek in the enchanted fair, our three heroines flee through the woods, with several ravenous wolves and a sweet-toothed lion hot on their heels. Now they face their biggest challenge yet: a treacherous journey into the Underworld. For only when the pipe has been safely returned to the land of the dead will the Eden sisters truly be out of the woods. . . .

The Dragon Whisperer by Lucinda Hare
Corgi Childrens | 5 August 2010

Quenelda has always had a magical bond with dragons, and her greatest wish is to fly one and fight alongside her father in the war against the hobgoblins. Root, on the other hand, wishes only to avoid the fearsome creatures, so the role of Quenelda's esquire is the last thing he needs.

But an unexpected friendship is forged, and when Dragons Dome is besieged by a deadly plot, this unlikely duo must find a way to defeat the dark forces. Epic battles, whispered legends and soaring magic combine in this breathtaking debut fantasy, with black and white illustrations by David Wyatt.

Things Hoped For by Andrew Clements
Philomel 2006

When Gwen's grandfather disappears from their home in New York City, he leaves a message saying not to worry--but it's hard when Gwen has upcoming violin auditions at Julliard! But then she meets Robert, a fellow musician, and things seem to look up.

At the same time, there are other forces in motion, like the scary great uncle who keeps coming by, and the strange man Gwen sees one day when shopping. Then the even stranger story Robert tells her about what she saw. And finally, the discovery that brings their worlds to a halt, uniting Gwen and Robert in ways neither of them could have foretold.

In this remarkable follow-up to the wildly popular Things Not Seen, Andrew Clements brings readers a multi-layered story all about art, friendship, love, and life.

What If . . . You Broke All the Rules by Liz Ruckdeschel, Sara James
Delacorte Books 2007

In What If. . . You Broke All the Rules, Haley will turn 16 on Valentine's Day. But there won't be any big parties or celebrations to mark the occasion—her parents are so distracted by their own lives that they forget her birthday.

Haley's dad is absorbed in finishing his documentary, and Haley's mom is spending waaaay too much time with a former coworker from San Francisco. With Perry and Joan preoccupied, Haley will suddenly find herself in a world without rules.

Will Haley turn into a wild child or do the responsible thing? And how will Haley choose to spend her spring break—with a trip to Paris with Sasha, to Sebastian's hometown of Seville, making a movie in New Jersey with Irene, or in the Hamptons with Coco, Whitney, and their crew? It's up to you to choose Haley's destiny!


Boom! by Mark Haddon | Fallen by Lauren Kate | Posse by Kate Welshman


  1. Wow, great books you got there. I really want to read fallen, that one looks great!
    Happy reading to you.

  2. I of course want to read Fallen also :) The rest look great too! Enjoy them.

  3. I love stories about musicians and Julliard!

  4. Holly-you forgot to leave your email on your entries-you should link your in my mailbox to The Story Siren.

    I agree the word meme is slightly odd

  5. Duely noted, I have now added my email address :)

  6. I received Fallen today. I can't wait to start it. Happy reading Holly! :D


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