Artists You Will Be Glad To Know

I had a long look though my library and came up with these under appreciated artists. It's not your typical "Next Big Thing" post but I listen to all these artists, give them a go :)

Kevin Devine
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
4 Albums + 3 Eps and an album due for release in 2009
For fans of: Indie Rock; The Honorary Title, Brand New
Has toured: Australia, United Kingdom, Germany...

Operator Please
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
1 Album + 3 EPs
For fans of: Indie Pop; The Grates, 1990s
Has toured: New Zealand, United Kingdom, France...

Meg & Dia
Draper, Utah, United States
2 Albums + 3 Eps and a new album to be released in March
For fans of: Pop Rock; Automatic Loveletter, The Audition
Has toured: Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland...

Manchester Orchestra
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
2 Albums + 3 EPs and an album due for release in 2009
For fans of: Indie Rock; Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, Copeland
Has toured: Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland...

I have a few more bands to post, who knows this might become a regular post. Stick Around!


  1. re (to the last 2 posts): listening of obscure shitty bands isn't better than listening of popular shitty bands

  2. I was trying to get some of my favourite smaller artists out there? I wasn't trying to prove my obscurity, if you have a look at my top 10 they're pretty much all major artists.

  3. Butch Walker has only toured Canada?

  4. He's obv toured his home country and other than that yes, only canada.


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